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We are building a dream - About us — Aqua Aura

About Us

AQUA AURA is a stable and reliable company that specializes in the manufacture of various floating structures and its equipment. We offer one of the widest choices of products on the Latvian market, everything related to the high quality of pontoon systems, floating platforms, boat pontoons, and various profiles of bank reinforcement (gabions, plastic or wooden dowels). We also offer various plastic pontoons used in the construction of floating docks.

For several years, PONTON.LV has developed new technologies and solutions that allow you to create new and interesting products on floating bases such as floating houses, gazebos, hot tubs and saunas.

Based on our many years of experience, we have created a wide choice of not only floating products and structures for landscaping the beach, but also the necessary equipment: benches, umbrellas, jumps, slides, bridges of various types with ladders for swimming. We offer everything for lovers of outdoor activities near the water and on the water.

We also offer a wide selection of mooring equipment: mooring “fingers”, fairway and mooring buoys, bollards, mooring rings, a set of rescue equipment, free bars, anchor chains and ears, bathing ladders.
Our services include landscaping works carried out with the help of special equipment: mower for mowing algae and reeds, water purification equipment, etc.


An exclusive and eco-friendly home offers a unique unification of life in a house on land and on boats.

With the house AQUA AURA we suggest you to experience a completely new taste of life!

This houseboat can provide comfort equivalent to a land-built home. It has everything necessary for living: a kitchen, built-in appliances, electrical equipment and sanitary equipment, sauna, bathroom, living room, bedroom, utility rooms.

House AQUA AURA is an excellent solution for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of comfort and well-being, as well as an opportunity to spend time with family or friends in a cozy atmosphere. The advantage of a house on the water is multifunctionality, quality of materials, design and the possibility of active time for:

- Diving

- fishing

- Water skis, wakeboarding or jet skis

- Convenient mooring of the yacht or motor boat

- Exit to the open sea.


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We are always happy to help you

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